Digital AR Real Estate: SuperWorld
Digital Real Estate on the Ethereum Blockchain

SuperWorld was created by Co-Founder and CEO Hrish Lotlikar and Co-Founder and CTO Max Woon in 2017. SuperWorld is the home of virtual real estate. SuperWorld serves as a platform that maps every inch of land and sea worldwide making all of that land purchasable. Yes, you can own New York City or any of the Seven Wonders of the World–Machu Picchu and Taj Mahal included. There is no part of the world excluded.

AI Monopoly anyone?

Places you’ve never even imagined visiting can be yours in SuperWorld. Iconic towers, ancient ruins, historical monuments, wonders of the natural world, buy Greece, Rome, or the Maldives. If you can buy it, you can own it. The land is divided into 100m x 100x rectangular plots, the same size as a regular city block–equal to over 64 billion plots of land.  SuperWorld compares this to the size of Yankee Stadium. 

It is essentially the AR monopoly board. 

One of SuperWorld’s main goals was to be the connective tissue between Augmented Reality (AR) and the immersion of human life into this reality. It seeks to integrate the two halves (mixed-reality). In SuperWorld you own the power and the creativity to do as you wish. 

SuperWorld makes all that monopoly money you chased playing the board game as a child look like the fiat money digital assets and NFTs are replacing.  You’ll get to fully monetize your land in SuperWorld and be able to buy and sell your AR real estate in a few simple, secure clicks with blockchain technology. 

If you are an artist and always wanted to be global you could buy land all over the world and display your original artwork. If you were a poet with the same desire you could display your poetry in text, video, or images in a similar fashion.

AR Glasses and SuperWorld App

It is further interconnected with real-world use cases. According to SuperWorld, it is already moving towards the idea that AR Glasses which will seamlessly integrate with the platform, will replace cell phones as a primary device. SuperWorld will integrate with Apple AR glasses, as well as Magic Leap, and HoloLens. 

Apple AR glasses or Apple Glass according to TechTeezy are rumored to be released in 2022 or 2023. You’ll be able to essentially where your computer or phone on your face. It will sync with your iPhone and iPad so you will see your apps, texts, emails, and other pertinent information right in your view field. The Apple Watch and Apple TV will also be included. You’ll be able to stream your favorite shows right onto your Apple glasses without giving your media away to anyone else.  You will also be able to access your GPS or navigation apps, walking or moving throughout the world without needing to access any other outside applications. They will even make a pair that look like Steve Jobs’s iconic lenses. 

So what about prescription eyeglasses wearers? Apple has a fix for that. The Apple AR glasses will be able to adjust to any wearer’s prescription or sight and essentially improve their vision without the use of any additional eyeglasses.

The price is also set to be pretty affordable compared with other apple products with a potential price point that falls under $500.

According to SuperWorld, “Apple is starting to build up a war chest in both team and intellectual property for AR glasses. They recently acquired Akonia Holographics. Prior to the acquisition, Akonia Holographics focused on developing displays for augmented reality glasses. According to Akonia’s website, they make, ‘thin, transparent smart glass lenses that display vibrant, full-color, wide field-of-view images.’ ” 

Magic Leap centers productivity for the health industry and specifically health professionals. They produced a wearable computerized headset that can do extraordinary things like assist in surgery to separate craniopagus twins. Surgeons were able to see virtual models, reconstruct, and deconstruct these models through mixed reality. 

HoloLens by Microsoft is another mixed reality business AR solution with real-world capabilities. They are meant to work right out of the box, are connected to the cloud and several AI services from Microsoft.  

Imagine AR offered a similar mixed reality experience through a campaign for All-Star Game 2019 Baseball. Here fans were able to interact with, take pictures of, and get up close and personal with members of the baseball teams just by pointing their cameras at specific areas. The photos they were able to take were as real as if the players were standing next to them and not playing on the field.  Adoption is already here, like many other technologies we’ve mentioned. 

This mixed reality is also used in the SuperWorld AR app just like Pokemon Go! We were all catching Pokemon in our respective locations. Where you point your camera you’ll have the same immersive experience with SuperWorld seeing all the creative 3D objects, animations text, art, and more that owners have included in their virtual real estate. 


Virtual real estate is not a cryptocurrency but an NFT or non-fungible token. The block purchased is connected to the ERC721 blockchain. The seller gives the land its price. The price can depend on the market or the value given to that land based on location and NFTs that can be found there. Because of the coordinates or longitude and latitude of each block purchased, the land is unique just like any other NFT. It cannot be duplicated.

Still with all the information, and NFT hoopla, people wonder why they should bother owning virtual real estate. According to SuperWorld, the reason for participating in this revolutionary digital real estate is because of the thing most of us are after, ownership. With SuperWorld you get a one-of-one digital asset and you’re a stakeholder in the platform. 

In short, you get paid for whatever money is generated from activity on your land. So if someone advertises on your land you get paid, if they do any buying or selling on your land, you get paid, any kind of transactions taking place on your land, and you get paid. 

The land you own is the rental investment property you always wanted, without the hassle, the maintenance, or the bad tenants. 

Ownership is the bag.

Ethereum blockchain

The chosen blockchain for SuperWorld was the Ethereum blockchain. The virtual real estate needed to be decentralized, and Ethereum supported the protocol that kept ownership in the hands of the public who own it. It also created an ease of authenticity proof to authenticate the ownership of that land while allowing for its resell or trading and continuity in innovating and revolutionizing the SuperWorld AR world.

Mass Adoption

Superworld by Gus Krieger

Whether you see the utility in the NFTs that power SuperWorld digital real estate will become global. There is a film adapted by the Audible book SuperWorld by Gus Krieger being produced now, directed by Jason Bateman. In it, by the world 2038, the entire human race is endowed with superpowers save for one man. This includes a defense agency named PEERLESS, a term also associated with cryptocurrency systems and stores of value. The synergy in naming may not be so inconsequential; it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of the connections. 

You know before you know if you know. 

SuperWorld has several partnerships backing its value, profitability, and scalability. 

Reforestation One Tree Planted

SuperWorld is also environmentally conscious. Their partnership with Reforestation states that for every plot of SuperWorld land purchased for the month of May 2021, one tree was planted. 5,000 trees would have been planted by the end of May. 

One of the platform’s values is sustainability integrated into its business model. This includes ensuring there is awareness around the impact of blockchain technology on the environment, and a way to use digital real estate as a bridge to doing real-world work on the improvement and rebuilding of our climate and environment.

Some other SuperWorld partners are Wolfram, WB Elite, MetaMask, ArtbyVesa, Disrupt, ProRobots, BlockChain Labs, BitcoinLive, CryptoCoin.News, Infiom, Smart Digital Payments, Portis, and The Real DeFi Podcast. SuperWorld is also backed by Draper Goren Holm, Outlier Ventures, Altered Ventures, SOSV, China Accelerator, and Capital Factory. 

Other TRON Partnerships

Check other TRON’s other partners: PoloniexSwisscom BlockchainBinance, and Opera.

Get bullish or get left, Justin Sun reminds us unabashedly, the upside potential to TRON is too high to dismiss. And if it’s still too hard to see, stop using your eyes and rely on the facts. 

It’s ROI or excuses.

And as I always say, you will do one of two things, (1)say,” I wish I bought more” or (2) you’re gonna kick yourself in the ass.

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