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Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy

A four-year comeback after being diverted from stand-up comedy and the road to Hollywood stardom took Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy through a dark night of the soul. And his inevitable, epic arrival at crypto riches along with his high-touch enterprise, Bigger Than Race™. 

“We can all win together.”

-Brando “Crypto Wizard”

A bout of depression led to a deep study of his identity, mindset, and spirituality. These pivotal and foundational existential experiences influenced an eventual recreation of self and shift towards the perspective Brando holds today. 

What he did not realize was how his apparent misfortune would become the foundation from whence his fortune would grow. Following the twists, turns, and resistance, Brando was led down the rabbit hole of fintech to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

But it didn’t stop there. 

Brando always relished an ethos of being the best at this craft. Whether it’s comedy, producing his own film/parody video series’, acting, scriptwriting, or teaching his loyal BTR members the most erudite investment strategies, he prides himself on being foremost in his industry, to ensure he provides matchless quality. 

He wants to ensure people don’t only see one perspective of the world they see with their naked eye. He needs them to have the other side of the coin.

” I want to bring them the truth backed with research that can lead them to generational wealth in the coming fourth Industrial Revolution. I want to build a community of like-minded individuals on the same frequency. A group of multimillionaires to help carve out a piece of the pie.” 

-Brando “Crypto Wizard”

Because of this committed approach to value, quality, and taking consistent massive action, Brando boasts a 249 member Patreon and growing. He’s helped his loyal members change their lives and attain an ROI of 100,000%+  in portfolio percentage gains groupwide.  BTR members have already earned their first multi-million dollar profits. Others are at their quarter of a million to half a million dollars profit marks, from numerous exclusive coin picks and Brando’s keen, intuitive, concierge-style guidance.

His community regularly sends correspondence to attest to the growth of their digital assets. He has grown their investment mindsets to such magnitude that their goal is not to simply take their profits and run but to double down and reinvest in the next best profitable projects. His members learn how to get in on the ground floor and own major stakes in the ecosystems they participate in building. 

Brando is not simply about generating a return on investments but helping members understand the value and power in ownership. His energy to connect with all generations and people has endeared him with an engaged community that trusts in his knowledge, research, and his word.

It is critical for Brando to provide the BTR community with the ability to take calculated risks to facilitate changing their lives and the lives of their children. The decision to revolutionize one’s life is in their hands. And sometimes one must close their eyes, to truly see.

With this in mind, Brando is expanding the Bigger Than Race community with his first annual BTR Conference in Fall 2021. “People need to know only they can make the necessary moves to advance their tax bracket,” Brando declares. 

The goal of the BTR conference is to create a synergy of influential people who can share their individual experiences, help attendees with their personal development, emotional wellness, and mental health. The BTR conference will go beyond cryptocurrency investments into a holistic wealth of resources to aid in creating your best and ideal life. What is gaining financial freedom without the health of mind, body, and soul to enjoy it? And he will stop at nothing to guarantee his tribe continues to manifest prosperity and their financial independence goals. 

When Brando isn’t helping others build generational wealth and developing an investor mindset, he’s hanging out with his number one fan and daughter, Berkeley.