Stellar (XLM)

What is Stellar (XLM)
The Chosen One

Stellar or XLM was founded by the same man who co-created/founded Ripple (XRP), Founder and Chief Architect Jed McCaleb. McCaleb is responsible for designing the protocol XRP uses. Stellar is a faster and more high-tech solution than XRP and essentially the 4.0 of XRP. Without saying anything, this screams. Creating one project can usually mean the project that follows it will improve upon everything the other is not and will likely never be. Stellar is an open-source network creating equal access to the global financial system without boundaries or barriers. 

The goal is that money maintains fluidity, be connected to open markets, and ultimately bring power to the people. It intends to give global populations an exit into financial independence they would not otherwise have simply based on locale. Stellar aims to make money more stable. 

The example Stellar gives for a real-world anecdote of its use-case is Stellars ability to help families maintain their financial status despite economic unrest. If their local economy has a downturn or a recession, currency inflation, and the like that family would be unaffected. Stellar in this case is protective working with all world currencies and as a payment system. It can literally represent a digital version of any countries currency be it pounds, dinars, pesos, or dollars. 

It is limitless. It is further intended to bridge the world’s financial systems into one single network (one world currency).

Stellar is decentralized, meaning it has no owner but the public. Millions of transactions move through its network daily and it’s faster and chapter than other blockchains. This includes the much-talked-about energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. Stellar is more green than most. It also works better than Bitcoin (BTC because it is not limited to the kinds of currencies that can be bought and sold with it. This marks its value to transparency as well. 

The Stellar Lumen is the Stellar network’s “native digital currency” which is used in tiny amounts as a condition for a payment value. Here’s the breakdown according to :

“For example, here’s what you can do with Stellar. You can create a digital representation of a U.S. dollar—on Stellar you’d call this a “dollar token”—and you can tell the world that whenever someone deposits a traditional dollar with you, you’ll issue them one of your new tokens. When someone brings that “dollar token” back to you, you promise to redeem it in turn for one of the regular dollars in that deposit account. Essentially, you set up a 1:1 relationship between your digital token and a traditional dollar. Every one of your tokens out in the world is backed by an equivalent deposit. So while people hold the tokens, they can treat them just like traditional money, because they know that they’re exchangeable for traditional money in the end.”‍

Essentially, Stellar is positioned to be the one world currency masked as every countries currency.

Let that illumenate your mind.

Hidden in plain sight

Make no mistake, in an effort to prepare the masses for what is to come the truth is hidden in plain sight. And in the comedic words of my mother, “if it was a snake it would have bit you on the ass”. 

In a myriad of ways, what some may call obvious, the blueprint is introduced and reintroduced again. Take the film Interstellar. The film’s official poster has an uncanny resemblance to the Stellar Lumens coin graphic. And by uncanny, I’d venture to say–almost exact. 

What is even more stunning are the words that accompany the Interstellar Imagery. “THE END OF EARTH WILL NOT BE THE END OF US,” is centered at the bottom of one of the many official film posters. Consider for yourself what message is being subtly exposed.

Let’s go further and break down what Stellar and Lumen mean as individual words. This pair was matched for a reason. Let’s also consider the word Interstellar.

Stellar is defined as (1) relating to stars, (2) made of stars, (3) leading, (4) outstanding. Lumen is defined as a unit for measuring light. Lumens specifically measure luminous flux or power of light e.g. how much light the human eye can see. The best light technology will produce the most lumens per watt. Interstellar is defined as an event that takes place among the stars, is located among them, or traveling among them especially in regards to the Milk Way galaxy.

In the crypto community, we always talk about going to the moon when a coin hits its all-time highs and begins to make thousandaires, millionaires, and multimillionaires. It appears Stellar Lumens is going beyond the moon. The moon is only 360k kilometers from the Earth while the Milk Way galaxy is 26,000 light-years or 246 quadrillions kilometers from the Earth

This looks like 360,000 kilometers vs 246,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers.

Might Stellar Lumens mean Leading Unit or Currency?

However you take it, at BTR, we’re packing our bags for the Milk Way as always. 

Check out the Stellar Lumens Whitepaper here.

Stellar blockchain

The Stellar blockchain was actually conceived before the Ethereum blockchain, in 2014. What came first the chicken or the egg? This positioned it to learn from Bitcoin, its predecessor, and corner a blockchain technology that Ethereum was not privy to. It’s supposed to be as if you were handling cash. 

If I were to meet up with you to sell you an item off of my Offer Up or Ebay, you’d hand me the cash and the event would be rapid with no lag time, or tax. This is Stellar, environmentally conscious, short transaction speeds, near free or less than free as transactions are less than a penny. 

Its blockchain is so equipped Stellar spends like real-world currency. So whatever that digital currency is that Stellar represents is spendable. So while the world is raging on about XRP, Stellar and the Stellar Development Foundation are making intergalactic moves with major partnerships. 

More details on Stellar can be found here.

The quiet sibling

Focus on the quiet coins, these are the ones you don’t hear anything about, and ultimately the ones that end up being far more miraculous than the boisterous projects that get center stage. XLM is the quiet sibling getting little attention but moving in silence, “interstellarly” (appreciate the poetic license). 

Fiat or cash is inflationary as it is printable from a need basis. However, Lumens are duplicable– they multiply themselves while burning XRP increases the value. Stellar’s value is derived from its usage.  

XRP, BTC, and gold are deflationary. This means over time the value will increase and provide you with more buying power. It will then be worth more tomorrow than today. For this reason, they aren’t meant for everyday purchases like your cup of coffee.  They act more as wealth protection or a hedge fund (risk management). XRP has been denoted as digital gold while Lumens would be more so digital silver.

All of this aside, Stellar has been very stealthy about their partnerships. They for instance are already partnered with Samsung. 

Stellar is an onion.

Stellar partnerships

Photo by Cheds

It is necessary with real-world partnerships to pull the masses into the new changes. It’s a collective collaboration. The propaganda heard in the U.S. is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” but in the case of the rest of the world and cryptocurrency specifically it’s more like, the friend of my friend is my friend.” 

Stellar like other blockchain projects are working together, like a well-coordinated couple on a tandem bike to bring mass adoption. An enemy narrative simply allows for making populations easier to control by forcing them to choose a side, when neutrality is more of a service. This is is why Switzerland has not gone to war with any country since 1815.


IBM is Stellar’s largest most profitable connection with IBM World Wire. In short, IBM will be run by a non-profit foundation, utilizing stable coins, handle rapid transactions at massive volumes in 72 countries, 47 currencies, 46 banking endpoints, and connect financial institutions. Six banks have already been signed to use Stellar’s stable coin and these numbers are still growing. They are ensuring that an ecosystem lives to facilitate cross-border payments and is anti-mono in its approach to currencies by making it possible to convert every country’s digital currency.  This partnership information is not readily available without digging deep.

Stellar is also partnered with SatoshiPay, Saldo, Revelry, and Bitbond.

Find more partnerships here.

Hold strong and have diamond hands. There will be fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) spread about XLM and the crypto space. Take it with a grain of salt and do your research. Do not fall for the first play and get committed to the facts about your choice to invest in a project or not. Always reconsider why Stellar remains a mystery and recognize what your eyes are being closed to so you don’t look at where the magic trick is taking place. 

I always say you will do one of two things, (1) say,” I wish I bought more” or (2) you’re gonna kick yourself in the ass.

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