What is Tron (TRX)
and why you need it in your bag, yesterday

It’s not uncommon for newbs in the crypto space to solely think of Bitcoin (BTC) when they think of digital assets. But, after BTC there is TRON (TRX), founded by Justin Sun, in 2017. Sun’s primary goals? To decentralize content distribution, maintain privacy, make content sharing easy and cheap, and allow you to keep your data, the way it should be. This means no one can shut down or block your account or sell your data if you’re utilizing software and/or apps on the TRON system. 

Pack your bags and get off the fence! I’m about to show you why, in the game of cryptocurrency, utility is the bag. And you want to be on the side of the coin with the most profitability.

TRON Blockchain

TRON at its inception was powered by Ethereum (ETH) which meant its protocols or official system procedures, were on top of the ETH blockchain. In 2018 it finally migrated over to its own peer-to-peer or independent network. Now TRON is powered by TRON. Justin Sun has the same All Money In mindset as the late Nipsey Hussle

TRONPower is derived from TRX which can be frozen for three days at a time, to gain more TRONPower which allows you to vote, gain bandwidth, and or energy.  Bandwidth is what transactions use when they are being transferred between wallets, frozen, or unfrozen. Energy is a server resource that is used when running smart contracts. Smart contracts are software programs stored on the blockchain which are activated automatically under preprogrammed conditions. 

Think of this like when eCommerce stores have cart abandonment software. When a person shops, leaves an item in their cart without checking out, and closes out of the website, the software is triggered and you receive an email telling you, “Hey you left something in your cart”. 

Along with knowing how much energy and bandwidth transactions take, users can use TRONSCAN, TRON’s blockchain explorer allowing you to look up, confirm, and validate transactions.

More on partnerships, partnerships, partnerships

Location is to brick and mortar business as partnerships are to crypto projects.

The most basic comparison makes ETH the premium asset class or the Apple of crypto, while TRON is Android. Taking the metaphor deeper, in our world, Samsung owns Android and is a larger company in market share value having over 70% market share as opposed to Apple’s 25+%. TRON has already positioned itself in partnership with Android (Samsung). 

And like Android, in our world, their phones are significantly more cost-effective than Apple making price point one of the foremost draws to the brand. Which then makes it a more accessible phone option. By the same token, TRON is basically feeless while ETH is fee heavy. Making it a more accessible crypto blockchain and ecosystem.

Partnerships are critical to crypto projects and sign off on their credibility, utility, and growth potential. 

Because of the partnership TRON has with Samsung it is the petrol that will fuel the life of TRON on the blockchain, increasing its value and adoption. There is nothing small about these connections. Follow the roots and the seeds are revealed. 

TRON’s ecosystem continues to broaden as it is now on the DeFi blockchain, or offering decentralized finance apps like JUSTLEND, TRON’s first official lending platform. Follow JUST Foundation on twitter for all the updates on new and existing projects.

Further, TRON whitepaper can give you a deep dive into the network purpose. Whitepapers are the who, what, where, when, why, and how of cryptocurrency. All coins have one and when they don’t, beware. 

A content sharing ecosystem is being built right before our eyes!

The TRON ecosystem is about 4 years old and ahead of its time in what it is bringing to fruition through blockchain technology. The TRON ecosystem is powered by the TRX coin. And not only is it partnered with Samsung, but it houses the world’s first and largest decentralized file sharing technology BitTorrent (BTT).  

Justin Sun stated, 90% of the world’s smartphone users have Androids and, “If you want more return on your investment, Android is the better investment compared to Apple.” Translation, TRON is the better investment compared to ETH. 

TRON is an opportunity for exponential gains. Why do you think I’m so damn BULLISH on TRON!? And if Warren Buffet is in on TRON, where should you be?

BitTorrent (BTT)

Billions of people use BitTorrent daily, including FacebookLedger, and other US companies that utilize BitTorrent to send data. 

BitTorrent is likely not something you are hearing for the first time, torrents have been around since the late ’90s, think Napster and Limewire.  But because TRON is decentralizing the data game it makes it near impossible for social platforms to do what they are doing now–making money off of your data.  You’re relentlessly harassed with ads based on your clicks, screen time on certain content, shopping habits, and even standing too long in a specific section of a physical store using bluetooth beacons.

Not only has Justin Sun purchased BitTorrent for a low $140m, he has now partnered with Huawei which gives BitTorrent additional access to 100 million users. This partnership comes stocked with the inclusion of BitTorrent apps and software preloaded into its devices. The BitTorrent app has been downloaded over 2 billion times thanks to Sun’s acquisitions and broadening user base.

The BitTorrent protocol is presently used by NETFLIX, facebook, Google, twitter, LIONSGATE, and dlive


WINk (WIN) is a dApp or decentralized app and specifically a decentralized gaming app on the TRON network. After TRONbet was launched it was later rebranded to WINk. Its utility lies in its ability for mass adaption at the consumer level.  WINk exceeds gaming blockchains like it due to its low transaction fees, community, and massive gaming library. It is home to the largest gaming library on the blockchain. 

WINk is unique because it shares ownership with its users under a profit sharing dividend model. More than 65% of its revenue trickles down to those who own the token through WINdrops. On WINk the house and the players WIN.

The TRON gaming ecosystem is a digital casino, the Caesars Palace of blockchain without 100% ownership in the casino’s pockets and stock portfolios. WIN powers the WINk gaming system. On the platform users can socialize as well as stake the WIN token across blockchain ecosystems such as ATOMIC Wallet and TRONLink.  Wink will hold long term value. 

And make no mistake, the constant visual of Justin Sun on mainstream news networks like CNBC is priming the world for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.  As well as the future ecosystems that will run the new world. Check out the whitepaper here.

BLINk works in partnership with WINk paralleling the WINk platform, but on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance is a popular exchange that many users trust. Because of the credibility Binance has, TRON decided to leverage this and create another blockchain gaming community as reluctance is still high on using dApps outside of regularly utilized blockchain ecosystems. 

The goal is mass adoption and Binance is already connected to companies like TravalaPropy, and Crypto.com making it possible for users to pay for their travels, property, and make everyday purchases with the Crypto.com metal visa.

What’s fascinating about BLINk, you can mine the coin as you play based on your risk percentage.The BLINk operations guide states because miners want their bankroll to last this enables them to mine as many BLK tokens as possible. Their mining strategy should be to risk low or under 94 or over 4 on the Dice game (the first game introduced on WINk and BLINk). This risk ratio ensures you win 95% of the time although your winnings will be smaller your bankroll decreases while reflecting a larger pot of BLK tokens.  The more BLK you have the more you can mine. However, ” whether you are gambling or mining, win or lose you will always earn BLK tokens”. 


The TRON ecosytem also encompasses TRONTV. It is essentially a decentralized YouTube platform on steroids, but it hits different. Currently, it is a storehouse for every new movie trailer and popular viral video across the web. Just looking at the TRON logo, it gives off that forever feel, it’s as though it will be around infinitely. You’ll get the same air from other crytocurrency logos. 

This is just the beginning. We’re gliding by the tip of the iceberg, it hasn’t even begun to melt. You don’t want to go down with the fiat ship. 

Remember, fiat is not unsinkable. 

Other TRON Partnerships

Check other TRON’s other partners: PoloniexSwisscom BlockchainBinance, and Opera.

Get bullish or get left, Justin Sun reminds us unabashedly, the upside potential to TRON is too high to dismiss. And if it’s still too hard to see, stop using your eyes and rely on the facts. 

It’s ROI or excuses.

And as I always say, you will do one of two things, (1)say,” I wish I bought more” or (2) you’re gonna kick yourself in the ass.

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